The 602 Initiative

What is 602?

How do I get involved?

In 2016 we sent a team to visit a community in Liberia, Costa Rica, called Martina Bustos, an area of extreme poverty where the children typically get fed only once per day. Despite their difficult circumstances, these kids made such an impact on our lives through their pure joy and love that left us wanting to find a way to give back to communities on a local and global scale! Thus, we've created the #6:02 initiative, which stands for Galatians 6:2: 

"Bear one another's burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ." 

Our aim is to find new opportunities each mission that we can truly bear one another's burdens, whether that be construction projects, food distribution, playing sports with the kids, or any other possible way to love on these communities and lighten their burdens!

Learn more by clicking on the 602 homepage button!

We do fundraisers throughout the year including:

  • The Rock n' Run 5K
  • 602 Golf Classic
  • 602 Softball Tournament
  • Holiday Hoopfest

We serve local non-profits during the holidays

  • Hope House
  • Joshua Station
  • Denver Dream Center
  • Many more...

We have 2 missions trips throughout the year to Costa Rica that focus on providing sustainable food for communities suffering of starvation