Softball Rules

Captains will gather players from both teams to pray together at the CONCLUSION of each game. This is not required but is highly encouraged for those in the Red Rocks community.

The participants of our league represent Red Rocks Church, and more importantly, Jesus Christ to our guests who have been invited from outside of the Church. It is important that we all do our best to conduct ourselves with class and a high level of sportsmanship. We understand that competition can generate strong emotions; however your emotions and actions must not negatively affect the enjoyment, comfort or safety of any of our other participants! Fighting, foul language, or taunting will NOT be tolerated in any sports ministry league.

Any over-aggressive play will be warned by the umpires, but any player may be ejected at any time according to the umpires discretion. ONLY captains have the right to discuss (not argue) calls with umpires.

Games Length
Games will be limited to 7 innings or 50 minutes. If the time limit expires, the home team is given final at-bats unless the home team is leading at that point.

Each game will have a ten minute grace period at the start if either team does not have a minimum of 8 original rostered players present to start the game. If after ten minutes the team is still unable to have 8 original players present, that team forfeits the game.

If a game is called for rain prior to ending, the score will stand from the last completed inning. Umpires and league officials will decide when to call a game due to rain

Extra Innings - If at the end of regulation play the game is tied then we will play one additional inning. An overtime inning will consist of a player (the last player who got out) of the team up to bat automatically standing on 2nd base. Each batter will then be given one pitch - a ball is a walk and a strike/foul ball is an out (the female walk rule does not apply to extra innings). If at the end of this inning the game is a tie, then the game results in a tie. A playoff game will continue until we have an eventual winner.

Mercy Rule -If a team is winning by 15 or more runs after 3 full innings of play OR 10 runs after 5 innings of play, the team with the lead will be declared the winner. Both teams may continue play until the 50 minute time limit but scores will not be kept. If a team is up by 15 or more runs with 2 minutes or less remaining, the game will be over once the current inning is complete.

Teams consist of 13 players. Only 10 are allowed on the field, but everyone on the roster must bat at least once during game time. A minimum of 3 females must be on the field at all times.**

**In the situation of having less than 3 females, you must play each female player in the field, but cannot add another male in replacement of the absent female. (example: 2 females = max 9 fielders; 1 female = max 8 fielders)

A minimum of 8 players must be on the field. A forfeit will be awarded if a team cannot field 8 players off their original roster.

Game Rules

  • No bunting.

  • No stealing. Runners must remain on the base until the batter makes contact with the ball.

  • Pitching - No winding up is allowed. The pitching arm must come straight back and forward. A violation of this rule will result in a 'ball'.

  • Hit by pitch is a 'ball'.

  • Passed balls count as a 'ball'. It is not considered as a ball in play.

  • Batting Guidelines

  • Batters start with a 1-1 count.

  • Intentional walks and tagging up are permitted.

  • COURTESY FOUL RULE: 1 & 1 COUNT WITH COURTESY FOUL. (After (2) strikes, the batter is allowed one courtesy foul ball, any foul ball after that is an out.)

  • Lineups can be either MALE-MALE- FEMALE or MALE-FEMALE-MALE, There should never be 3 MALE batters in a row.

  • Runners are given 1 extra base maximum for errant throws off the playing field while throwing to first or third base or to home plate. An errant throw to second base is a ball in play.

  • Home run Rule. Teams can hit a maximum of 4 home runs per game which clear the outfield fence. An automatic out is given to teams who hit 5 or more homeruns clearing the outfield fence during a given game.

  • Infield Fly Rule. A batter is automatically called out if he/she hits the ball in the air in the infield when the bases are loaded or when runners are on first and second with less than two outs.

  • Scoring at Home Plate- A home plate line will be drawn from the front corner of the batter’s box back to the back stop. Passing this line is equal to touching home plate. There will no longer be sliding allowed at home plate, nor will runners touch home plate. This is for the safety of the catcher and runner.

  • Home plate will be an automatic forced out.

  • Metal spikes are not allowed.

  • The pitcher must keep one foot on the rubber at all times; starting the pitch with both feet on the rubber. Violation of this rule will result in a 'ball'. The minimum arc of the pitched ball is equal to the height of the batter when he/she uses a normal batting stance. The maximum height of the pitch is 12 feet. A called strike will be a ball entering the batters hit zone between the chest and the knees which crosses over the home plate.

  • All games will be umpired by paid officials.

  • All other rules are covered by official ASA softball rules.


    All players are responsible for their own gloves and warmup softballs. Teams are responsible to bring bats (must be ASA approved). Red Rocks Sports will supply softballs during game play.