Running a League

Our league leaders are some of the most valuable volunteers that we have in Red Rocks Sports.
Without you we could not run 20+ leagues effectively during the year. While this can seem like an intimidating role to take on, we have an amazing staff that will be there to support and help you with running a league so you never feel on your own!

Your role:

  • Set-up & Tear-down

  • Handling any issues that may come up during the league

  • Communicating with your Ministry Lead on a weekly basis. (scores, updates, issues, etc.)

  • Supporting league captains and volunteers

Staff's role:

  • Creating, Promoting, Setting up registration & teams for the league

  • Sending out league-wide emails & announcements

  • Updating scores and results

  • Getting volunteers & putting them in positions

  • Supporting you in any way we can

What we look for in a leader:

  • Must have experience playing in a league

  • Great character and can handle their emotions in any situation

  • Personable and wants to interact with people in the league

  • Knowledge of the sport

  • A relationship with Jesus

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