Indoor Soccer Rules


We will closely follow the rules of the United States Indoor Soccer Association with a few minor variations. Below is a synopsis of these rules and you can read the full USICA rulebook at

Captains are responsible for gathering teammates at the END of each game for prayer. The home team is responsible for the prayer. This is not required if you do not wish to participate.

5 field players and 1 keeper are on the field to start the game. Teams must have 2 female players on the field at all times. If a team cannot start a game with a min of 5 total players, they forfeit (4 field, 1 keeper).

Each player is required to bring their own shin guards. A player will not be allowed to participate without wearing shin guards. Players must also wear cleats or turf shoes, no metal studs. All jewelry must be removed and is not permitted on the field. T-shirts will be provided to each player and must be worn for games. If an outside sub is needed, they must wear the same color shirt. Goal keepers may wear shirts distinguishing them from other players. Soccer balls will be provided by the league. 

Game times will be 7pm, 7:45pm, 8:30pm, 9:15pm, and 10pm. Games will start at the indicated times to ensure maximum field usage. Each half is 20 minutes, teams switch side at half time. Clock is running time. Halftime is 1-2 minutes long. Each team may substitute players freely; provided that, during play, players must substitute off the field of play or within the Touch Line in the area of their Team Bench.

If a team is losing by 5 goals, they may add a sixth player (male or female) as long as the deficit remains at 5 goals or more. The opposing team may keep 5 players on the field to allow more playing time for everyone.

There will be no overtime this season due to limited time. Games will end in a tie.  


  • Slide tackling is not allowed in indoor soccer.

  • Sliding is ONLY allowed to stop a shot or in an open field and CANNOT, under any circumstances, be used against another player (slide-tackle)

  • 5 fouls: man down for 2 minutes (this is reset at halftime, a straight yellowcard is 2 minutes down and it does NOT count toward the 5 fouls) after the 5 fouls, your fouls are reset to 0, in other words, if you have 10 total fouls in 1 half, you will have served 2 separate 2 minute powerplays.

  • TALKING BACK TO REF: foul and this counts toward your 5 fouls, indirect kick for other team (first time is a warning/foul and second from same player is a yellowcard, exceptions based on the ref and each individual situation)

  • Redcard = man down for the rest of the match

  • Teams cannot play with less than 3 players on the field and a keeper, if there are multiple fouls, the foul times are added and man-down advantage will last over the period of time the penalties accumulate to.

  • Foul from behind or yellowcard = direct kick

  • Handball = direct kick (player taking the kick can score without the ball touching another player)

  • Intensional handball = yellowcard and 2 minute penalty (doesn't count toward 5 fouls)

  • 3-line rule still stands (only for keepers), the ball will be awarded to opposite team and can be place ANYWHERE on the 3-quarter line (indirect kick)

  • If the ball hits the ceiling: closest quarter-line and it's an indirect kick

  • Sub on the fly, player may enter field once exiting player is within 10 yards of bench

  • Goalkick/corner kick: if the ball hits between the 2 red lines above the goal, it is a corner OR goal kick, if it hits outside of these lines, or against the nets, it's a free kick at the spot the ball hit the net/wall

  • Goalies CAN throw or place a set ball for a kick if there is a 'goalkick'