Golf Rules

To keep the playing field as even as possible we offer a handicap scoring system. Since most golfers in our league will not have a set handicap, we have put together a formula to determine handicaps - listed below. Handicaps adjusted weekly based on new scoring averages.

Handicap Scoring System
((9-hole average * 2) - 72) * 75% = handicap (rounded)
Ex: ((44 average * 2) - 72) * 75% = 12 handicap

Your handicap number determines the extra strokes you will receive during each round. For instance, if you are a "12" handicap you will deduct 1 stroke on any hole with a hole handicap of 12 or under. (See picture below) *Players cannot receive more than two handicap strokes per given hole.

*Note: 1st week we will use a player's stated 9-hole avg to determine handicap; 2nd week we will use the stated avg and 1st week's score; 3rd week and beyond we will ONLY use weekly averages to calculate handicap.

**Note: A substituting player will receive a different percentage variable with his/her handicap to maintain a fair advantage to league players.

Teams will be made up 2-players. Each team of 2 will be teamed up with a different team of 2 each week. The four of you will now assemble one team for the week and receive one team score for the week. You will be competing against the other foursomes each week.

Players will play their own ball each hole and score each hole based on their handicap. As a team, 3 of the 4 scores will count - meaning each hole the team can remove the least successful score. For instance, a team may score 4, 4, 5, & 6 - the team can then remove the 6 so the total for that hole is 13. Team Standings will be based on the lowest team score. Team scores will be added from week to week.

  • If neither you or your teammate can make it: you will receive the same score as the worst team score from that week.

  • If the other team doesn’t show up or has 2 subs: your team score will calculated as (both your adjusted individual scores + 36). If the other team has 2 subs filling in, their scores will not be taken into account to the team score.

Players will play their own ball each hole and the score taken into account is based on their handicap. Standings will be based on the lowest adjusted score.

  • How to calculate handicap score: Brad is a 12 handicap. He scores a 5 on the first hole which has a hole handicap of 13. His score will not be adjusted since his personal handicap (12) is lower than the hole handicap (13). However, the second hole has a hole handicap of 11. Brad does receive one stroke off on that hole since it is lower or equal to his personal handicap (12).

  • If a golfer has a handicap of 19 or above: they will receive 1 stroke for every hole as well as an additional 2nd stroke if there is a hole with a hole handicap that is equal to or greater than the (personal handicap-18). Example: John has a handicap of 25. He will receive 2 strokes off on any hole with a hole handicap of equal to or lower than 7. (25-18=7)

  • Substitute handicaps: will be calculated at the end of the round using the Callaway System.

  • If you miss a round: You will receive the league average adjusted score for that round. This will only be for individual score and will not be used for your team score.

scorecard breakdown.jpg

*In this example the course had different hole handicaps for men & women.



  • Check in at least 10 minutes early to the first tee box to ensure we are all teeing off at the correct times. If you are running late to the course you will need to meet up with your group at the spot they are at... we cannot hold groups on the tee for late arrivals.

  • Double par maximum score. Please pickup your ball once you have hit a double par maximum score. On a par 3 this is a score of 6, par 4 is a score of 8, and par 5 is a score of 10.

  • Lateral hazards. If any ball enters a hazard, please make your drop from where you assume the ball ended up... not from where the ball entered the hazard. Make your drop up to 2 club lengths no closer to the hole and take a one-shot penalty.

  • One-minute max to look for lost balls. If a ball is lost in deep rough or trees, please only spend a maximum of one minute looking for your ball. Otherwise, please make your drop laterally with a penalty shot.

  • Ready Golf! Each golfer within a group is allowed to take his/her swing when each member of the group is ready to play. If you reach your ball and are ready to hit, while other members of your group are not yet prepared, then go ahead and hit - even if you are not away.

  • Gimme putts allowed. If your putt is less than the length from your putter head to the beginning point of your grip (usually 2-2.5 feet) then you can pick up your ball and count that putt good automatically. Take your stroke and move to the next hole.