We always hear Shawn or Chad welcome our God Behind Bars (GBB) campuses at the beginning of their sermons but have you ever thought about what they are like? It is absolutely intimidating the first time you go to a GBB campus because you don't know what to expect. You will experience very quickly how kind and grateful the men and women are to be a part of the Red Rocks Church family and for the people who serve and make it possible. These men and women pursue Jesus in such a raw and authentic way that the volunteers would argue they get more out of it than the actual inmates.

We are so blessed as a ministry to have an opportunity to go to the Men's facility in Cañon City this spring to play soccer with the men of GBB. There will be more ways to serve than just playing so we highly encourage everyone to come!


March 10th

Colorado Territorial Correctional Facility
275 US-50
Cañon City, CO 81215

Important to know

  • We will be carpooling
  • Expect for the drive to be 2.5 each way
  • We will be playing soccer with the men for 2-3 hours

A requirement of the Colorado Department Of Corrections is that everyone sends in a picture of their IDs (front and back). Pictures can be emailed to curt@redrockschurch.com. This must be done by February 10th!