Savor Our Savior

Savor our Savior.png

I am currently in the beautiful season of engagement where I am anxiously waiting to marry the man of my dreams! It has been full of joy and all of a sudden I have a growing “to-do list” as we are planning this momentous occasion. I feel like the Holy Spirit has impressed upon my heart one word during this season: savor! I want to savor every moment leading up to this special event where I will commit my whole heart and life to my future husband. I want to savor time with my family, as I am living with my parents right now and know this time is precious and we will never pass through this season again. I want to savor the food tastings, wedding dress shopping, bridal showers, and dreaming about the day where I will meet Spencer at the altar. I want to be thankful for each present moment, not thinking too far ahead, or borrowing trouble from tomorrow, which is very easy to do with all the stressors that come with planning a large event. This made me think of how I want to not only savor this sweet time, but how much more should we savor our Savior!

The definition of savor is: to taste or smell with pleasure; to delight in, to enjoy! We all know the feeling of eating a delicious home cooked meal or dessert and wishing we could make it last longer. I think we often forget the simple truth that Jesus is more than we could ever hope for or imagine! The gift of Jesus means we get to live free and live loved because of His great sacrifice now in the present and in Heaven one day. We get to “Taste and see that the Lord is good.” Psalm 34:8 

The beauty of savoring Christ is that it never has to end! Seasons come and seasons go, good meals come and good meals go, but the Lord lasts forever. John Piper states it beautifully: “We were made to see and savor God—and savoring him, to be supremely satisfied, and thus spread in all the world the worth of his presence!” This pre-marriage season has been a great reminder to my soul of what is truly important in life. So, I’m going to seek to stay present and ask the Holy Spirit to help me savor Jesus with everything I have within me, and I invite you to join me too! 


1. Why do you think it is so hard to slow down and truly savor things?

2. How can you practically savor Christ more in your everyday life?


Heavenly Father, thank you so much for the gift of Jesus and for salvation. You are more than enough for me! Help me to savor you more and more with each passing second, and please help me to be grateful for the present moment that you have graciously given. I thank you for your generosity, your Holy Spirit that speaks and guides, and that you are the giver of abundant joy, love, and peace that is available to us because of your amazing Son! I love you Father, and I pray this in Jesus’ name. Amen!

By: Chelsea Marron (I Mean… Roberts)