God Gives Mulligans!


          Just the other day I felt the Holy Spirit speaking to me through a game of tennis with my Daddy. I overshot my first serve and undershot my second serve, hitting
the ball straight into the net. Accepting the fact that I had lost that point, I started
walking to the other side of the court, but then my Dad said, "You can use your
mulligan for that one if you want!"A mulligan is a free shot sometimes given in
informal play when the previous shot was poorly played-it is a second chance. 
The term, mulligan is generally used in golf, but my Dad has given me mulligans
all throughout my life in every sport we've played together.

          I was overcome with gratitude when I heard those words of grace come out of his
mouth. I thought that since I was grown and my Dad fully knows my athletic
ability and potential that I would no longer qualify for a mulligan. This reminded
me that I often think that because I have been a believer for many years, I should
be better at not sinning and seriously disappoint myself when I do. God used this
situation to remind me that He is always willing to give me a mulligan-a do-over, 
a second chance-when I fail to measure up. Just as my earthly Father gave me
a mulligan in our tennis game because he loves me, my Heavenly Father does
the same in life.

          I accepted the mulligan that was extended to me and went on to win that game. 
This tennis match taught me that we are never disqualified to receive a mulligan
from our Savior. He wipes our slates clean even when we don't deserve it. No
matter how many times I mess up, God still gives me a mulligan, and He does
the same for you! What an incredible, merciful God we serve! 


 1. Can you think of a time recently where you were given a second chance
when you didn't feel deserving of it?

2. Do you ever feel like you don't qualify for yet another mulligan? Why?


You are gracious, kind, and the giver of second chances! Thank you that we
qualify for mulligans because of your Son, Jesus! Our desire is to be more like you, and we are grateful that you show us grace when we fall short. Thank you for never giving up on us and for giving us the opportunity to be walking testimonies of your great love. I love you, Jesus! In your precious and mighty name. Amen.

By Chelsea Roberts