Bowling Rules

Teams are made up of 4-8 people including the captain. Your team is not eligible to play until you have at least 4 members accepted/paid on your team. If you do
not have enough members by the time registration closes, you will either have random members added to your team or, if the league is full, have your money refunded to your credit card.

Teams may have any number of men/women, there is no requirement to be co-ed, though most teams are.

Scheduling/ Matches
Each team plays seven matches over the course of the season, one each week. Each match is against one opponent (except on rare occasion of a bye-week). Each match consists of 4 bowlers bowling 3 games. Teams may mix and match bowlers from the roster for each game, but only 4 bowlers may bowl each game.

All players earn a handicap score which gives each bowler a chance to help his/her team. 4 weekly points are available for teams - 1 point awarded to each head-to-head game (3 total) and 1 point for over point total over the 3 games.

If you do not have at least 4 people present, you may still bowl and we follow absentee scoring for the missing bowler. Absentee scoring consists of taking the missing bowlers average score minus 10 pins. In the case of having more than one bowler absent, we will take the next lowest average score and subtract 10 pins.
*We encourage you to find subs for missing roster players by asking friends and/or co-workers, however their score will not count and the Absentee scoring will still be implemented.

Team standings are determined by the overall points earned. In the common case of teams have the same record, standing are then determined by scratch scoring per team. 

One person may not bowl under multiple names in a game.