BBQ Olympics Rules

Players will begin each week assigned to a particular game and assigned to a particular partner.

A game for our purposes includes Bean Bag Toss (cornhole), Bocce Ball, Jarts, Fricket, Kan Jam, Ladder Golf, Ramp Shot & Spike Ball.

Each game will include four participants which will match two players to compete against two other players for a total of 6 minutes. At the end of those 6 minutes teams will calculate their scores to determine the winner. Each player on the winning team will earn 3 points, losing team receives 0 points, and if there is a tie, all four competitors receive 1 point. Each player records his/her own score on the scoresheet provided by the league.

Once the game concludes, the winning team remains at the same game to compete once again, but the two players now become opponents and join with two new players. [New teams are determined by flipping a coin. The winning team flips a coin and assigns 'heads' to one of the oncoming players and 'tails' to the other.]These players come from the previous game in which they lost and now must move onto the next game, just as the players who lost this game moves onto the next game. If you have ever played the dice game Bunko, this is very similar. There is only one exception to this rotation - if a player wins 3 games in a row at a particular game he/she must then move onto the next game and take his/her teammate along. If a tie occurs, then a game of rock, paper, scissors begins (best out of 1 game)... winning team has the choice to stay or move to the next game. 

Each participant will keep his/her own score for each night and calculate a final tally to be submitted to the league coordinator for posting of standings each week. We will provide forms and pens for players to keep with them throughout the night. 

With 32 players participating we will have 8 games setup for competition. In this scenario we have 1. Bean Bag Toss; 2. Ramp Shot; 3. Ladder Golf; 4. Jarts; 5. Kan Jam; 6. Fricket; 7. Spike Ball; 8. Bocce Ball. We begin the games by assigning Joe/Sally to play against John/Debbie in Bean Bag Toss. Joe and Sally win by scoring more points in the 6-minute game. They each receive 3 points and remain at the Bean Bag Toss game. John and Debbie must move onto Ramp Shot. Bob and Liz just won Ramp Shot so have remained at that game but now split up and Bob flips a coin to see who his new partner is... Debbie (heads) or John (tails). Bob flips a 'heads' and takes Debbie to be his partner and Lisa takes John to be her partner. In game 8, Brian and Jill have tied in Bocce Ball with Chad and Allsion... so, Jill and Allison play a quick game of rock, paper, scissors. Jill pulls out rock and beats Allison's scissors... so Brian and Jill choose to remain at horseshoes and Chad and Allison now move on to play Bean Bag Toss.. After the coin toss, Chad is now Joe's partner and Allison is Sally's partner. They all play another 6-minute game, calculate points, and move on. 

Winners will be those who accumulate the most points over the league's 5-week time-frame. We will have a men's and women's division and award a gold, silver, and bronze prizes for each division. 

We understand that players might need to miss a week or two. So instead of penalizing players who must miss, those players will receive the lowest point total of a player in their division for the week in order to remain in the competition. However, if a player is going to miss then he/she must notify the league director ahead of time to make sure substitute players are available to keep the games at an even four players. If a player is absent and fails to notify the league director, that player will be awarded 0 points for the week.