*COED ONLY: Each team must have at least one female playing at all times

  1. No substitute players will be allowed to play on any team after team registration at the event.

  2. Each team is guaranteed three scheduled games. Always check brackets carefully for time and location of your next game.

  3. All games will be officiated by at least one certified referee.

  4. All disputes will be decided by referee or tournament director without appeal.

  5. Be at scorer's table early. If 10 minutes late, that game will be forfeited.

  6. FORFEITS: In the event of a forfeit, the game will be scored as an 8-0 victory for the non-forfeiting team.

  7. To remain on schedule, there will be very limited time between each game. Once a game is complete on your designated court, please plan to begin your game immediately. Each team MUST bring a basketball.

  8. Only players in upcoming game will be allowed to warm-up.

  9. Each non-playoff game will be 14 minutes in length or first team to 15 pointswith one 30 second timeout. Games will start every 15 minutes.

  10. First possession will be determined by flip of a coin.

  11. At the end of each game, the team that reaches maximum points or is ahead at the 14 minute time limit is the winner of that game. Clock will only stop for timeouts and injuries when more than one minute is left to play. Inside of one minute to play, the clock will stop for free throws, injuries and timeouts. Foul shots awarded as time runs out will be allowed if they could determine or change the outcome. You DO NOT have to win by 2 points.

  12. All field goals inside the 3-point arc will count for 1 point. Goals outside the arc count for 2 points.

  13. The ball must be brought back outside the 3-point line on every possession change, made basket, jump ball, defensive rebound, steal, violation, or lost ball, no matter where the ball goes out of bounds. BOTH FEET must touch outside the arc. If both feet do not touch outside the arc and the ball is advanced toward the basket it is considered a violation and will result in a turnover.

  14. Ball must be checked to the defense each time before being put into play. When ball is checked back to the offense, by the defense, outside the 3 point arc, the instant it touches the offensive player's hands it is a live ball and must be passed in. Ball should be checked and returned politely.

  15. Personal fouls: NO free throws are to be shot. A scoring play is defined as a player who attempts a shot and makes it. A non-scoring play is defined as a player who is either not in the act of shooting or attempts a shot and does not make it.

    Fouls during:

    • Scoring plays before the 7th team foul: will result in the basket and foul being recorded. The defense then gets possession of the ball.

    • Non-scoring plays before the 7th team foul: will result in possession of the ball and the foul being recorded.

    • Scoring plays upon and after the 7th foul: he/she is awarded the basket, and an extra point but NOT possession.

    • Non-scoring plays upon and after the 7th foul: he/she is awarded a point (2 points ONLY if foul occurred during a shot attempt outside the arc) but NOT possession.


  16. Stalling will NOT be allowed. If the referee determines stalling tactics are being used, she/he will warn the offensive team and they will have 10 seconds to shoot the ball. If no shot is taken, it will be result in a turnover. A second stalling call will result in a technical foul.

  17. OVERTIME: In the case of a tie, each team will send one player to shoot a sudden death free throw. If both players make/miss their free throw each team sends a different player to the line to shoot. Only when every player on a team has shot can you go back through the roster again (shooting order must stay the same).

  18. We will have a score keeper bring the scoresheets to the bracket area. Both teams should visit the bracket area after every game to be sure of their next game time and location.

  19. Destruction of property by a member or team shall disqualify the team.

  20. TECHNICAL FOULS: Poor sportsmanship and/or rough play will absolutely NOT BE TOLERATED. A technical foul will result in one point awarded, a team foul, and possession to the offended team.

  21. Proof of age must be available upon request. Games may be forfeited if unable to show age when challenged.

  22. Pool play tie breakers in this order: best record, head-to-head, point-differential, rock paper scissors.



1. Playoff games will be 20 minutes in length or first team to 21 points, with two 30 second timeouts

2. Clock will only stop for timeouts and injuries when more than two minutes is left to play. Inside of two minutes to play, the clock will stop for injuries and timeouts.